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from their website - "New England Wild Flower Society conserves native plants in the wild and encourages gardeners and landscape professionals to choose natives when they plant outdoor spaces, particularly plants grown from local seeds, harvested sustainably in the wild. 

Our mission is to conserve and promote the region’s native plants to ensure healthy, biologically diverse landscapes."

Enough said!

Mr. Andy J. Miller aka Andy J. Pizza literally changed my life.  His mission is to encourage creatives to "strike the perfect balance between art and business" using his own unique and oh, so authentic voice.  I don't know what state my creative-self would be in without his work and his incredible podcast "Creative Pep Talks".  Andy J. Pizza - keeping creatives from going off the rails since 2016.

The inimitable photographer Joel Sartore.  I first discovered him as an online teacher of photography.  His teaching and photography are top notch but for me where he really shines is his work for the National Geographic Photo Ark where he has been meticulously documenting the diversity of animal species on this beautiful planet.  In his words - "the goal is to show the world what biodiversity actually looks like and get everyone to care about saving species while there’s still time".  Thank you for your tireless work Mr. Sartore.

I’m lucky to live in Vermont. Yes, the scenery is beautiful and is perfectly good reason to settle here. But the true draw of Vermont its authentic, dedicated people. Artist and teacher Jason Alden of The Drawing Studio is one of those people. I’ve been lucky enough to be a student of his for a number of years and am so grateful for his dedication to art and generosity in sharing his process. This guy is the real deal.

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